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Orthodontics and Braces in Charlottesville, Virginia since 1998
Dr. Suzanne M. Dennis

"I have been enormously impressed by Dr. Dennis and all of her able assistants. Beyond fixing my daughter’s underbite and alignment, it was truly a pleasant experience. Appointments were always punctual and expedient. The office is filled with happy, friendly workers. It is sunny with up-to-date magazines, coffee, and fresh cookies. This office always makes me wish there were more women-run businesses! Thank you! ”

Kelli- Mother of Early Treatment Patient

Dr. Dennis’ practice is focused exclusively on orthodontics. She and her staff are highly trained and experienced so that they can provide their patients with the best care possible. They keep themselves up-to-date by regularly attending “Continuing Education” courses in the field of orthodontics.  In our office, we use state-of-the-art equipment and follow the most strict sterilization procedures. Ultimately, though, it’s our warm and friendly staff that makes a difference. When you begin treatment with us, we want you to feel as if you’ve truly joined a community.



A Warm and Supportive Environment

Successful orthodontics requires more than just professionalism. Over the course of treatment, our patients will spend many hours with us, and we want to use this time productively, reinforcing their commitment to seeing their treatment through by creating an upbeat and supportive atmosphere.  We do this by creating a welcoming environment. At their regular orthodontic visits patients and their families can look forward to light-filled offices, comfortable chairs and relaxing views. We hope each visit will be something our patients look forward to and we want each visit to be enjoyable and fun.  We even have game consoles for our teenagers and a toddler’s room to make life a bit easier for parents with young children.


There is No Substitute for the Skill, Experience and Education of a Well Trained Orthodontist.  

In my practice our patients and their families benefit from the highest professional standards. I make a point of explaining the diagnoses carefully and presenting all the options for treatment. I want you to have the information you need to make the best possible decision about your care.

Our Goal is to Make Your Introduction Into Orthodontics Easier

There is no charge for you initial orthodontic evaluation.  If we determine that you would benefit from orthodontic treatment we will minimize financial obstacles in order to help you obtain that treatment.  Our practice offers a wide range of payment options and financing.  Orthodontic treatment is based on each patient's individual needs and therefore the cost will vary.   We will work out a payment plan suited to your financial needs.  For your convenience we accept all major credit cards and file all insurance for you.  You will receive excellent treatment at a reasonable cost.




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Dr.Suzanne Dennis


Judy Riner

Treatment coordinator

Tabitha Shifflett

Clinical Coordinator

Vicki Brown
Scheduling Coordinator
Teresa MacIntosh

Billing coordinator

Angie Fincham

Orthodontic Technician

Jordan Barbour
Orthodontic Technician
Brooke Sigrist

Orthodontic Technician



I can honestly say that I wouldn't have gone through this process without Dr. Dennis.  She has been un-phased by my complicated dental needs.  Her knowledge, skill and organization have been beyond valuable to me and the entire team involved.  Thank you for being an amazing point person.  My smile will remind me of your fabulous work from many years to come.

Bridget - Adult Surgery Patient

“Braces are not bad at all. I loved mine, and didn’t want to get mine off. I had the regular braces, not Invisalign. I loved the rubber bands and the colors.”


“Will looked forward to his appointments. He always had a great time, and the service and attention were excellent.”

Janet- Mother of Adolescent Treatment



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